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I am seeking funding for the independent publication of my novel. This video is an introduction to the project. You’ll find the project’s page HERE

LITERARY MASHUP: Seuss & Vonnegut. Combining genres, mixing classics, celebrating lit.

Welcome to the Sarah Palin Show on FOX


Sarah Palin:

Welcome to my show, America. I know it looks like the Larry King set and that there person with the glasses and the suspenders looks like Larry King but it is not Larry King. I am at the FOX super duper secret studios.  This here guest is Jim Burning Man. The white haired  Senator from the white state — sorry i meant to say the great state of Kentucky. We had to dress up Mister Boo Boo like Larry because the Senator recently went rogue and a lot of people are hounding the poor Senator — well I don’t mean like he is poor but more like misunderstood and boy do I know about being rich and misunderstood. So i got the exclusive. Oh man I love getting exclusives just as much as i love getting facials. But any who here is Mister Bun Pan. Hello Senator, how are you doing under all of the left wing terrorist pressure?

Senator Bunning:

I object!

Sarah Palin:

OK, back to me to ask a smart and insightful question and i can do that. Yes. I. Can. (Door opens) Oh hello Mister Ailes. Yes Roger, yes, yes that is a great question I think I will ask that question. Good bye, Roger. (Closing door) Senator Burnt Bun… please tell me sir, how do you feel  about having a Marxist for a President will damage our great freedom loving nation of ours which is also democracy loving and full of wonderful people like yourself and my self and the First Dude and Trig and Squig and Piggly Wig. I think that is a very good question. Senator Bun Bun, please, Sir answer my question…

Senator Bunning:

I object!

Sarah Palin:

That is a great answer, Sir. I object too and I look forward to having you back on our show to talk about how beautiful America is and Alaska is beautiful too and so is Kentucky. Thank you, Senator Bon Appetite and thank you America and thank you Senator Maverick and you know who you are. Good Night.

NO ONE UNDERSTANDS MODERN ARCHITECTS: My short-animated-memoiristic-documentary did not win an Oscar this year. I remain undaunted.

For my good friend Andy Marino’s 60th birthday, his wife Dianne asked that his friends bring artistic presents to the celebration. There were gifts of songs, heart-felt testimonials, music, love and friendship. I read from a work in progress, FROM MOUNTAIN ROAD TO EASY STREET, a novel I hope to complete soon.

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