Someone in India Posted One of My Cartoons

and at first I was a little annoyed. Then I read one of the comments:

Viral says:

pic is really so funny

Emphasis mine. (I always wanted to say that).

After I had forgiven the transgression, I realized that I license the work under Creative Commons. So, please carry on, then! And to Viral, hats off to you, sir, for your keen appreciation of sophisticated humor. I re-post:

Cartoon About Twitter



If you spend anytime on Twitter, you’ve heard of these folks. The keepers of the grammar, form & etiquette rules:

JOHN CUSACK tweets with his iPhone and, much like the characters he plays, his style is fast and loose. “I’m pretty new to it, and if there’s a spell check on an iPhone, I can’t find it,” he said by telephone. “So I basically get in the general ballpark and tweet it.”

Consequently, Mr. Cusack has birthed strange words like “breakfasy” and “hippocrite” and has given a more literary title to his new movie: “Hot Tub Tome Machine.”

Most of his followers ignore the gaffes. But a vocal minority abuse him about it nonstop, telling the star that as much as they liked “The Sure Thing,” his grammar and spelling sure stink. “If you’re going to be political, maybe learn how to spell Pakistan, and all words in general,” wrote one supposed fan.

They do. A small but vocal subculture has emerged on Twitter of grammar and taste vigilantes who spend their time policing other people’s tweets — celebrities and nobodies alike.

There’s more…

Careful What You Tweet


It could land you in jail:

On the afternoon of September 24, 2009, Pennsylvania State Troopers, their guns drawn, broke down the door of room 238 of the CareFree Inn on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. The troopers were acting on a search warrant related to protests planned for the G20 summit—a meeting of the heads of state of the world’s major economies. Thousands of protesters had descended on the city, presenting demands ranging from curbs on carbon emissions to the outright abolition of capitalism.

Anticipating hordes of black-masked, Starbucks-smashing anarchists, the Pittsburgh police and the Secret Service coordinated nearly 4,000 law enforcement officers, outfitting them with the latest in riot-dispersal technology. Crowds marching on the summit were met with pepper spray, stun grenades, and—for the first time on US soil—acoustic cannons that blast painful sounds as far as 1,000 feet. But the protesters had their own crowd-control methods, and that’s what had brought the state troopers to the CareFree Inn.

There’s more at Mother Jones…

Tweet Like a Zen Master


From Mashable, Zen and the Art of Twitter: 4 Tips for Productive Tweeting:

1. Approach With a Beginner’s Mind

“In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities; in the expert’s, there are few.” – Zen Master Suzuki Roshi

It seems that more and more people are claiming to be experts of one kind or another, and many of them are using social media. In fact, recent reports suggest that there are now over 15,700 people claiming to be social media experts on Twitter.

There is nothing wrong with experts. I am sure many who claim to be are quite skilled and knowledgeable. However, the question is not only how much we know, but how much are we willing to learn from our time on social media?

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Twitter Improves My Writing

From FB:

Jesus Alvarez To change the new-and-NOT-improved FB back to the previous perfectly functional version: Look at the top left menu and click MORE. Then drag STATUS UPDATES to the top; now click on it. That becomes your default. Pass it on. (h/t Jimmie James)

to the Twitter:

Cubiyanqui To change new FB back to previous version: click MORE at the top left menu. Drag STATUS UPDATES to the top & click on it (h/t Jimmie James)

Sometimes less is really more…