Gaby, Carlos, Juan and Felipe in the Land of the KKK


Trail 2010
L to R: Carlos Roa, 22; Juan Rodriguez, 20; Gaby Pacheco, 25 and Felipe Matos, 23.

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Last month, we told you the story of four young immigrants walking 1,500 miles, from Miami to Washington, D.C, to demand solutions to our country’s failed immigration system.1

KKK Rally in Nahunta, GA

After walking 600 miles, Gaby, Carlos, Juan and Felipe are now entering hostile territory in the Deep South. Last weekend they encountered an anti-immigrant rally led by the Ku Klux Klan.2 And this week they will enter Gwinnett County, Georgia — home of Sheriff R.L. “Butch” Conway, who is notorious for his anti-immigrant policies.3 According to Georgia immigrant rights leader, Adelina Nicholls:

“Sheriff Conway is one of the most dangerous figures in Georgia, who has turned Gwinett County into a place of fear, racial profiling, arrest, and deportation.”

Now more than ever, as they come face-to-face with anti-immigrant sentiment, the walkers need our support. Our voices can give them strength. Please let the walkers know you are with them by clicking below and ask your friends and family to do the same. It takes just a moment:

By clicking the link above you’ll sign on to the following statement: “I stand with the walkers as they call for solutions to our country’s failed immigration system.”

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