Graphic Conspiracy Theory


Missile Defense Agency Conspiracy Theory

Frank Gaffney, a protégé of Richard Perle and an influential figure in right wing national security circles, has firmly entered the world of right wing tin-foil hat paranoia.

Media Matters documents the development of a new right wing conspiracy theory, claiming that the Obama administration manipulated the redesign of the Missile Defense Agency to look like his campaign logo.

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Just a Reminder, People…


That’s right, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Hannity et al: there was a legitimate election a few months ago and your guy-gal team LOST!

You Birthers and the Socio-Communist Fear-Mongering Brigade: they counted the votes and you LOST!

RNC and FOX and the NRA: you LOST this one!

It must be difficult to get up every morning and realize that you’re no longer in charge of the levers. I know it was hard accepting President Clinton’s election. You wouldn’t let it go until you had the guy impeached. But when his popularity with the American people reached superstar numbers, it drove you crazy.

That was nothing compared to how insane having the first black Commander-In-Chief seems to be driving you. And a wise Latina in the Supreme Court will probably kill a few of you. The allegations, the lies and the conspiracy theories are coming fast and furious from your side. They are an indication of a desperate mood. I know that accepting reality can be difficult. Especially if it’s at odds with your long held prejudices and backward ideas.

You had eight years and you ruined everything — except your own bank accounts and those of your friends. Now we get a chance to clean up your mess and restore this country on its path to greatness.

I’ll say it again: WE WON! Get used to it.

It’s going to be a long four years. Maybe eight.

Or longer, if you keep up the nonsense…