The Ignorant Among Us

No wonder the debate on health care reform is not going so well.

Not only do we have the right-wing forces and special interests lobbyists blasting the reform efforts with lies and conspiracy theories, we also have progressives spewing nonsense.

Congresswoman Diane E. Watson, (D) California
Congresswoman Diane E. Watson, (D) California

Exhibit A — Rep. Diane E. Watson (D) California’s 33rd Congressional District. She must be one of the few people left in America that still defends Castro and Guevara. And her praising of the Cuban health care system I find completely baffling coming from someone that seems intelligent and well informed. I guess not that well well-informed. Sounds like she believed what Castro told her on her recent guided-tour of Havana.

Dear Congresswoman:

There are two classes in Cuba, just like in any dictatorship: those that are in power — and are willing to do anything to keep said power — and the rest of the population. The power elite in Cuba has access, privileges and benefits that are denied the average citizen. Those benefits include travel, consumer goods and better health care. It is well documented that foreigners receive care — many in fact travel to Cuba for this specific purpose — that is not available to the locals. Everyone knows — or should know if they just read the mainstream media — that Cuban nationals were even forbidden from vacationing at popular Cuban resorts that were reserved for foreigners paying with dollars.

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