Fusion: The Synergy of Images and Words (via Steve McCurry’s Blog)

A beautiful post about humanity’s relationship love affair with the book:

Fusion:  The Synergy of Images and Words Ever since Gutenberg invented the printing press which enabled everyone to read books, artists have tried to portray the relationship of a reader and his/her book. Garrett Stewart’s book, The Look of Reading: Book, Painting, Text, explores the relationship of reading and art. We are familiar with words describing images, but not so familiar with images describing words and the impact reading has on our lives.

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Starting a Book Club?


From Lynn Neary at NPR:

There are different kinds of book clubs. Some focus on nonfiction; others love novels. Some are very serious, considering it bad form not to finish the assigned book. Others are more laissez faire. I know one woman who reads about 50 pages of every book. If she likes it, she finishes it; if she doesn’t, she uses the meeting to find out whether everyone else thinks she should continue.

From my experience, it’s not necessary for the whole group to like the book at hand. Some of the best conversations occur when people don’t agree. So on this list, I’ve tried to include a couple of books that will spark debate. I’ve also included a couple that I love. Most are pretty quick reads. Two are short-story collections, which means, in a pinch, you can read a few stories and still join in the discussion. One more thing: All of them are fiction, because it’s my list and I love fiction. So have a glass of wine, maybe a bite to eat, and let the conversation begin.

Here are her top 5 recommendations