Reading Love Poems at The Christopher Street Coffeehouse, NYC

I was invited by my good friend–and singer/songwriter extraordinaire–Andy Marino, to read my work at this venue. I call these poems Attempts @ Poetry. They’re love poems written for a woman I’ve loved for 17 years. Or maybe it’s a thousand years, I lose count. Her name is Viola. She washed ashore on my island one day…

A NYC Elevated Railway Reborn

The High Line 01

This is the kind of story that warms my ex-architect’s heart. An abandoned “L” for many decades in downtown New York City is enjoying a second life as an elevated park.

Eddie C has a wonderful photo diary at Daily Kos documenting his first stroll above Chelsea on a wonderful summer day. Please pay him a visit.

The High Line 02





The High Line 03








You can also visit the High Line Homepage for some historical perspective.