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Via Shots, NPR’s Health Blog:

You haven’t really seen baseball analysts until you’ve sat in on a panel of shrinks dissecting America’s pastime.

Trust us. We saw it happen at a meeting of the American Psychoanalytic Association just a few blocks from NPR HQ on Thursday. Washington Nationals President Stan Kasten even joined the keepers of Freud’s flame to discuss the mental challenges posed by the game and why it has such a strong grip on so many minds.

First, we can now report that our favorite spectator sport’s unique national status is official. “Baseball is part of the American psyche,” declared Dr. Bruce Levin, a psychoanalyst from outside Philadelphia who organized the panel. Baseball, he said, isn’t just a game. Watching and playing are also about connecting with our “inner baseball heroes” and also help “children practice growing up.”

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Voice Your Support


for your all-time, worldwide favorite vocalist on NPR’s 50 Great Voices in recorded history-year long project.

50 Great Voices
Sarah Vaughan, Yossele Rosenblatt, Beny More (top row, left to right); K.D. Lang, Toots Hibbert, Roy Orbison (middle row, left to right); Judy Garland, Atilla The Hun, Beniamino Gigli (bottom row, left to right);

In January 2010, NPR will launch a year-long exploration of 50 great voices in recorded history. The series isn’t an attempt to catalog the so-called “greatest” singers. Instead, we hope to discover and re-discover awe-inspiring vocalists from around the world and across time.

Let NPR know your 5 faves from the 100 nominated here. A great way to have some musical fun online.

“The nurse left work at five o’clock.”

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(and good luck!).

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