Glenn Beck: The Meltdown. It Won’t Be Pretty


Glenn Beck's new low

From Media Matter’s Ben Dimiero:

If you wondered how long it would take Glenn Beck to make his simulation of President Obama pouring gasoline on a person look comparatively tame, the answer is about 13 months.

Welcome to the meltdown. It isn’t pretty.

Apparently feeling pressure from an investigation by Rep. Anthony Weiner into his promotion of Goldline and ongoing scrutiny from Media Matters and others, Beck uncorked an impressively paranoid conspiracy theory this week. According to Beck, the SEIU, AFL-CIO, Van Jones, Jim Wallis, the White House, Rep. Weiner and Media Matters are engaged in “Alinskyite” plots that seek to “destroy” him, his family, Fox News, Christianity, and the Founding Fathers.

Though all facets of this conspiracy theory are equally absurd, it’s worth noting that Beck’s call to “leave the families alone” rings especially hollow when viewed in light of the fact that earlier in the same radio show he suggested that Sasha and Malia Obama think “Jews are destroying the world” because they were exposed to Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Later in the week, he mocked 11-year-old Malia for several minutes on his radio show by impersonating her voice and saying things like “Daddy, why do you hate black people?” He proceeded to attack “the level” of Obama’s daughters’ “education.” Despicable — and entirely in character. While Beck subsequently apologized for his comments mocking Malia Obama, he has yet to address the balance of his attacks against the first family.

Earlier this week, while lauding his supposed Nostradamus-like ability to predict future atrocities, Beck suggested that his detractors merely rely on labeling him crazy, rather than factually debunking his paranoid ranting. Trying to “factually” debunk ideas like a widespread progressive effort to destroy Beck’s family and the Founding Fathers is akin to trying to debunk the conspiracy theory that the world is actually controlled by shape-shifting lizard people: It is self-refuting ridiculousness.

And while the idea that nobody can refute Beck on factual issues is a good line for his viewers, it simply isn’t true. Here are several examples just from this week.

There’s more…

Message to FOX: Stop promoting racism!


[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=john+stossel&iid=6161614″ src=”4/8/1/a/Special_Screening_Of_84d6.jpg?adImageId=12949750&imageId=6161614″ width=”234″ height=”359″ /]

Via Media Matters for America:

Yesterday, John Stossel took to the air on Fox News to defend the right to discriminate based on race. Yes, you just read that correctly. On Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show, Fox News employee John Stossel said:

“Private businesses ought to get to discriminate. And I won’t won’t ever go to a place that’s racist and I will tell everybody else not to and I’ll speak against them. But it should be their right to be racist.”

Stossel is only the latest in a long line of Fox News personalities to divide America along racial lines, and it needs to stop. We need to send a message loud and clear — first to Fox, and if it’s unwilling to listen, to the sponsors who support it:

Enough is enough: Stop promoting racism on your network.

But Stossel didn’t just argue for the right to discriminate. He went a step further, suggesting the “public accommodations” section of the Civil Rights Act should be repealed, thus allowing businesses to practice racial discrimination. This is the section of the law that prohibits a lunch counter from refusing to serve African-Americans — a practice which was commonplace when the law was passed.

Are You Going to Stand by

while poisonous hate is broadcast in our media?

Of course not!

Lou Dobbs

The pressure on CNN’s Lou Dobbs continues to mount.

Earlier this month, along with NDN, America’s Voice, and several other prominent progressive groups, we launched a campaign demanding that Lou Dobbs’ advertisers stop supporting his fact-free hate speech. Thousands of people have already taken a stand and signed our petition. Now we’re asking you to add your voice to the growing number of Americans who are unwilling to stand by while poisonous hate is broadcast in our media.

Tell Dobbs’ advertisers to stop sponsoring hate:

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Is President Obama Talking Too Much?

According to Media Matters, some in the MSM are complaining:

In covering President Obama’s promotion of health care reform and his July 22 press conference, several media figures have suggested that Obama has “overexposed” himself by holding too many press conferences and granting too many interviews.

If I was a betting man, I’d bet that if the White House called any media outlet today to offer an interview, the WH will have 100% takers.

They just like to bitch…

The World According to Pat

From Media Matters, another installment in the life of “Pathetic” Pat:

Pat Buchanan claimed that Sonia Sotomayor has “never written anything that I’ve read in terms of a law review article or a major book or something like that on the law.” In fact, Sotomayor has published several law review articles.

When when will MSNBC cancel this looser?

Sotomayor’s Big Day (Updated)

Most prognosticators with knowledge of the nominating process think that Judge Sonia Sotomayor will be confirmed to the Supreme Court. She has our vote.

Republicans appear determined to do their grandstanding at this hearing. Some are hoping for a serious mistep that will sink the nominee. Something drastic, like her tossing a shoe at Jeff Sessions. The odds of her actually doing that are higher than in a mega-million drawing.

When Judge Sotomayor gets confirmed — notice the “when” not “if” — it would be in spite of a long list of myths, rumors and falsehoods circulated by the right in order to derail this historic nomination.

Media Matters does a terrific job of exposing their shenanigans in Myths and Falsehoods Surrounding the Sotomayor Nomination.

Here’s the summary:

The media have advanced numerous myths and falsehoods about Sonia Sotomayor. In addition to evaluating these claims on their merits, the media should also consistently report that conservatives were reportedly very clear about their intentions to oppose President Obama’s nominee for political purposes, no matter who it was.

One thing we know for sure: The odds are really good that they will come up with new myths!


No major surprises today. It was great to see Senator (wow!) Franken participating in the proceedings. Speeches by most senators were lengthy, repetitive and uninspiring with very few exceptions. Most were delivered in a hurried, monotone way due to the time constraints. By the time Senators Schumer and Gillibrand were alloted five minutes each to introduce the Judge from New York, some prominent members of the audience were seen nodding off.

Judge Sotomayor Day 1

Who could blame them?!