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Today’s entry hails from South Carolina’s 2nd District.

Congressman’s Joe Wilson outburst during President Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress made him an overnight hero of the right-wingers. He called the president a lair when Mr. Obama stated — truthfully — that illegal immigrants would not be allowed to benefit under his health care proposals.

Congressman Joe Wilson, (R) South Carolina 2nd District
Congressman Joe Wilson, (R) South Carolina 2nd District

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Congressman Wilson sought to portrait himself as a friend of immigrants. He claimed to have worked as an immigration lawyer in his native South Carolina. The only trouble was that no one in the tightly-knit legal community back home could recall Congressman Wilson doing any work of the sort.

Some progressive websites took pleasure in pointing out the apparent lie misrepresentation. I recall seeing a couple of headlines using some combination of the infamous “You Lie!” used against the Congressman.

Well, it turns out that Mr. Wilson appears to have been telling the truth all along. He was never clear on the extent of his legal immigration work and, as Zachary Roth at TPMMuckracker is reporting, his client list was an extremely short one.

Apparently, Congressman Wilson is only interested in ONE illegal immigrant:

In July, Wilson introduced legislation that sought to gain permanent resident status for an illegal immigrant named Sainey H. Fatty. You can see the text of the bill here.

George Finnan, a veteran immigration lawyer, told TPMmuckraker that the measure is what immigration lawyers refer to as a “private bill” — that is, an effort to win legal residence for one particular immigrant. “It’s done, but it’s not done often,” said Finnan. “If I were a congressman, it would be a nice way to make a constituent happy.”

There’s a particular type of constituent — even if an illegal immigrant — that Mr. Wilson appears interested in making “happy.”

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Wilson: Con Before He Was Pro

Another unstable, aggressive, double-standard practicing White-Southerner who believes that Government-run healthcare is great for his family but not yours and mine:

According to Newsweek’s blog The Gaggle:

As a retired Army National Guard colonel, Wilson gets a lot of benefits (one of which, apparently, was not a full appreciation of the customs, traditions and courtesies that mandate respect for one’s commander in chief). And with four sons in the armed services, the entire Wilson brood has enjoyed multiple generations of free military medical coverage, known as TRICARE.

The post was written by Adam Weinstein, an uninsured Iraq veteran, who is a freelance journalist. It also says:

Military beneficiaries like Wilson – who, as a retiree, is eligible for lifetime coverage – never have to worry about an eye exam, a CT scan, a prolonged labor, or an open-heart surgery. They have access not only to the military’s 133,500 uniformed health professionals, but cooperating private doctors as well – whose fees are paid by the Department of Defense. It’s high-quality care, too: Surveys from 2007 and 2008 list TRICARE among “the best health insurer(s) in the nation” by customer satisfaction.Yet Wilson insists government-run health care is a problem.

Besides being someone with a troubled temper, Wilson is also a hypocrite.

Here’s the rest of the Weinstein article. If you think Censuring Wilson is the way to go, you can sign a petition here.