A Story to Warm Lou Dobbs’s Heart

The story of Hector Veloz, a U.S. citizen and the son of a decorated Vietnam veteran. Officials locked him up for 13 months. He looked like an illegal immigrant.

As ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) increased its collaboration with state and local police and prisons under changes to immigration laws and policies in recent years, some detainees who have had a run-in with the law drop through a trapdoor from the criminal justice system into deportation proceedings.

In immigration detention it falls to the detainees to prove their citizenship. But detainees don’t have the constitutional protections, such as the right to legal counsel, that would help them prove their case.

And many of those who wind up in immigration custody are frequently those who might have the most difficulty proving their citizenship.

Here’s the rest of the disturbing story. Disturbing to most Americans.

(h/t Andrew Sullivan)