My Brush with Obama’s “Death Panel”


EDITOR’S NOTE: I blogged about this experience back in August when I had my echo done at my local hospital. Given the congressional discussions going on about Health Care Reform Legislation, I wanted to revisit the post.

I’ve written about my experiences with the “Death Panel” insurance before. So far it’s been positive although I’m not relaxing or buying into their problem solving-sensible solutions approach just yet. I’m keeping my eyes wide open for any sign of involuntary organ donation or forced euthanasia or medical experimentation on me while I’m still living.

My very nice doctor at the socialist-leaning clinic wanted me to have some routine/preventative test done. I was surprised. Why wouldn’t she wait until there was a problem to intervene? Beats me. My appointment was for today at 9:00 am. Yesterday I got a computer-generated call from the hospital. The voice in the message sounded a little bit like the Daughter of Hal.  But I’ve gotten these calls before so I didn’t find it strange in any way. They have their stuff together at this state-run hospital. They remind their patients about appointments. How thoughtful and strange at the same time.

The lady at admissions was very courteous and friendly. It always gives me the creeps when people are nice towards me for no apparent reason. So was the other woman who entered my info in the computer. If I was paranoid — which I am not — I would think that all of it was going into some government-owned database to be used in some malevolent mind control experiment. After I register, I’m moved to a very comfortable waiting room. There’s only one problem. A flat screen TV is turn on to Fox. What the ….? How can a hospital associated with the “death panel” allow Fox to be playing on one of it’s state-owned TV’s?  I was sure there was a good explanation.

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Out of Intensive Care but…

still on guarded condition:

The latest Associated Press-GfK poll has found that opposition to Obama’s health care remake dropped dramatically in just a matter of weeks. Still, Americans remain divided over complex legislation that Democrats are advancing in Congress.

You know what that means, right?

The lying-fearmongering-special interest-lobbying-tea-bagging bastards who sided with an industry that’s at war with the American people have not defeated this noble and important effort. Much work remains to be done!

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Astroturfers “May Not be Representative of America”

Thank heavens and Alan Specter:

Many have come to meetings with copies of the legislation and have cited specific provisions in their arguments.

In State College, some people read lengthy statements before posing a question. One woman handed Specter a copy of the Constitution. A few questioners praised Specter for facing detractors before relaying their own criticism.

The most vocal of the more 400 attendees jeered Specter. The forum at times turned into a shouting and hissing match between supporters and critics.

”Traditionally people who come to town meetings have objections,” Specter said after the event. ”They may not be representative of America, but they are significant, and their views have to be taken into account.”

“Birthers,” on the other hand, are representative of the GOP.

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