If Facebook Doesn’t Kill It, Can Twitter Survive a Leak?

Facebook is the new Google and Twitter has concerns about its survival, according to this article in Forbes.com.

According to TechCrunch editor Erick Schonfeld, much of the discussion in Twitter meetings dealt with both Facebook and Google. But while concerns about Google focused mostly on being out-hustled by Google’s indexer, the ones about Facebook seem much more fundamental to Twitter’s core vision.

“Google is old news,” the notes read. And Facebook? Potentially lethal.

And if you enjoy reading tech mystery thrillers, TechCrunch reveals the plot twists and turns of the recent Twitter document leak in The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack

The Twitter document leak fiasco started with a simple story that personal accounts of Twitter employees were hacked. Twitter CEO Evan Williams commented on that story, saying that Twitter itself was mostly unaffected. No personal accounts were compromised, and “most of the sensitive information was personal rather than company-related,” he said. The individual behind the attacks, known as Hacker Croll, wasn’t happy with that response. Lots of Twitter corporate information was compromised, and he wanted the world to know about it. So he sent us all of the documents that he obtained, some 310 of them, and the story developed from there.