Pinky and the (Not Much of a) Brain

At first I did not want to do a post about this.

I didn’t want to write about one more example — this one as bizarre as they come — of the deplorable state of our political discourse. This story is about an argument that turned violent, costing a 65 year-old anti-health reform man his pinky finger. It was allegedly bitten off by a pro-reform individual outside a health care forum.

I changed my mind after reading this little nugget on TPM. It’s about an interview granted by the victim to FOX’s Neil Cavuto:

Rice also said he won’t sue, he’ll turn and run if he sees the biter again, and that he thinks there’s “something much more devious than health care” at play in our national debate. “I think health care is how we are being diverted while the government grabs what’s left of our freedom away from us.”

To be fair, Rice added a few minutes later that “I’m medicated right now.”

Emphasis mine. First, the focus on health care is just a diversionary tactic to take away our freedoms. Get it? It’s another conspiracy uncovered by a right-winger. I’ve lost count of the amount of theories by now. Second, the anti-reform guy whose finger was beaten-off by a pro-reformer is on drugs! And he admits it to Neil Cavuto, on the air!

There are some real gems in this interview, like:

Neil: “Bill, you gave an appendage!”

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