Worth Repeating…

“Pure, clean, void, tranquil, breathless, selfless, endless, undecaying, steadfast, eternal, unborn, independent, he abides in his own greatness,” says the Upanishads, the ancient Yogic scriptures, describing anyone who has reached the turiya state. The great saints, the great Gurus, the great prophets of history—they were all living in the turiya state, all the time. As for the rest of us, most of us have been there, too, if only for fleeting moments.

—Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love.

Sorry, Elizabeth

but I haven’t read Eat, Pray, Love. I understand the sequel is coming in January. BTW congratulations on that 1 Mil. hardcover first printing!

I did see your TED talk on nurturing creativity. A friend sent me the link. I found the talk insightful and inspirational. I now send it to my friends.

Thank you!

(It’s a little embarrassing, but I always thought that you were the young woman on Little House on the Prairie. At first I thought: Wow, how creative. She can act and also write! Like I said, it’s a little embarrassing).

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