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From Paul Krugman’s 7/15 column in the New York Times:

Republicans are feeling good about the midterms — so good that they’ve started saying what they really think. This week the party’s Senate leadership stopped pretending that it cares about deficits, stating explicitly that while we can’t afford to aid the unemployed or prevent mass layoffs of schoolteachers, cost is literally no object when it comes to tax cuts for the affluent.

And that’s one reason — there are others — why you should fear the consequences if the G.O.P. actually does as well in November as it hopes.

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Tea Time in America

As an America-loving Brit, Andrew Sullivan knows a thing or two about tea. A reader of the Daily Dish complains about the federal deficit:

TRIPLING the deficit in 8 months??? Earth to Mars… you even get this??

Strong serve, right? Here’s part of the return:

The circumstances of this past year have been extraordinary. If the position of the right is going to be: no bailouts at all, no stimulus at all, and spending cuts now to balance the budget, then they should say so. Instead we get this adolescent hysteria, combined with no serious alternative set of proposals.

Really, my fellow small government independents: Grow up.

Stronger and more accurate.

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The U.S. Open has me writing in “tennispeak”. And I’m not even watching the coverage…