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“Of course, we expect that there should be more conciliatory measures taken by the Cuban authorities establishing the rule of law and respecting human rights. That is a fundamental principle of the United Nations charter. That is what I would encourage.”

—United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon discussing the freeing of Cuban political prisoners in Madrid with Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos.

Castros Relent. UPDATED


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and admit political prisoners might be human after all. Apparently the Castro government will move Cuban political prisoners closer to home and some into hospitals where they belong, given their health conditions. So far, this is only a rumor based on a promise. I’m not optimistic about any promises that has the name Castro attached to it, even if The Miami Herald calls this “a stunning concession”:

The Cuban government has promised to move sick political prisoners to hospitals, and other jailed dissidents closer to home, in a stunning concession to the recent avalanche of criticisms of its human rights record, an independent journalist said Sunday.

Guillermo Farinas, who has been on a lengthy hunger strike demanding the release of 26 ailing political prisoners, said Havana Auxiliary Bishop Juan de Dios Hernandez told him the changes would begin Monday, and that eventually some jailed dissidents could be freed.

UPDATED: And tweeted today by @yoanisanchez on this subject: With these negotiations between the church and the Cuban Government, some political prisoners could be freed but the intolerance will not be eliminated.

Original: Con esta negociación entre iglesia y gobierno cubanos, pueden salir liberados algunos presos politicos pero no se eliminará la intolerancia.

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