3 Years o’ Blogging

English: The New York City fireworks over the ...
The New York City fireworks over the East Village of New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cubiyanqui is 3 years-old today.

This little speck in the blogging universe has been my home for over a thousand days. During that period, my enthusiasm for this enterprise has not diminished, even if occasionally — like the last couple of months —  the available time that I’ve had to dedicate to it, has. When I started the blog, I was unemployed. There was plenty of free time left over for posting after all those resumes were mailed out. Today, a job I’m very thankful for takes a lot of my energy and focus. As it should be. I’d much rather be an occasional blogger, than a frequent one facing foreclosure.

From the window that faces the Hudson, on this home saved by grace, I have a sliver of an opening to the New York City skyline. As I write this, the fireworks have just begun. Luckily, one of the Macy’s barges is sitting on the river, directly in front of us. My five and a-half year old son is more excited about the spectacle than I remember him on years past. I loose count of the “Wows” after the first few minutes. Behind the exploding shells — and in direct competition with them — sits a day-old new moon, a majestic red that will soon fade in the haze.

I never picked Independence Day as the day to start the blog. It was a coincidence, but I appreciate the symbolism. I value the liberty to write about or post anything here. Freedom of expression is a big turn on. It is what so many people come in search of, when they come to America. The idea that you can be who you are and say what you mean, whether from a street corner or a humble blog.

I love this country!

Light Up The Free Sky


The view from our bedroom window of Macy’s fireworks display on the Hudson River. Ray Charle’s interpretation of America the Beautiful, recorded Live At The McCallum Theater, is the perfect soundtrack. Enjoy you Holiday!

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Independence Day

Early this morning I hung a flag in the front of our home. This is the first time that I have done this since the tragedy of September 11th. The weather, no doubt caught up in the patriotic spirit, decided to contribute a glorious day to the celebrations. The annual firework display was moved closer to our neighborhood and there was the possibility that, if the barges were anchored in a certain position in the Hudson, we would be able to catch it all from our second floor bedroom window.

For the first time in a long time, the number of people telling pollsters that the country is going in the right direction is increasing. I am in that group. Even when on a personal level I have suffered a great deal from the economic crisis, I haven’t felt this optimistic in at least a decade. The financial situation is a difficult one — and so many people have it even worse than our family — but I have bought into the sense of possibility that came over this country last November.

The promise of America is alive and well in America.

Fireworks From Our Window

The whole family, including our dog Celeste, got into the spirit of the day. For my two and a half year-old son, the highlight of the evening was not the lighting up of the Manhattan skyline with 50, 000 lbs. (did I hear correctly?) worth of explosives. For him, the evening went down hill after the Muppets made a surprise appearance on the Capitol Fourth show from Washington. They upstaged — in his view, judging from his reaction — Barry Manilow, Aretha and President Obama.

Earlier in the evening I had joked with his Mom that if we wanted to keep him up for the post 9:00 pm fireworks show, we should probably put him to bed. Sort of a reverse-psychology approach. But, it was tough keeping him up. He barely made it through the grand finale.

I just checked in on him and he’s sleeping soundly. I had this thought as I turned down the light in his bedroom: There’s no other country on the planet in which I would rather have him sleeping tonight.

More images for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

4th of July 2009 #01

4th of July 2009 #03

4th of July 2009 #06


and the grand finale!