My Debut Novel


ESPERANZA FARM is the story of Paco Serrano, a 13 year-old Cuban boy trying to live a normal, even ambitious, life after his world is turned upside down in post-Revolution Cuba.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Growing up, Paco Serrano and baseball are inseparable.

On the day that he was born, his very pregnant mother was at the stadium rooting for the local team. In the bottom of the seventh inning she went into labor and Paco arrived before the final out. Growing up, happiness and baseball are tied together, except, of course, for the time that he struck out for the final out with the bases loaded. But Paco’s dream of playing for Cuba’s national team ends on a day in October of ’62 when missiles are discovered not far from his home.

The international crisis that follows has not yet subsided when Paco’s parents apply for a U.S. visa. Whatever harassment and difficulty Paco faces while waiting to leave for America disappears each afternoon. That’s when the children of communists and counter-revolutionaries get together at the old ball field to play the game they love.

Paco’s story is about the pursuit of freedom and dignity, and finding refuge wherever possible along the way.

I can’t wait to share his story with the world. You can read the complete First Chapter HERE.

I’m currently working on my second novel, a story about architecture, loss, alcoholism and redemption titled FROM MOUNTAIN ROAD TO EASY STREET. You can catch me reading an excerpt HERE.

Thanks for your interest and please let others know about ESPERANZA FARM.

Cover photo © by Johannes Frandsen. Used by permission. Please visit

If the starts remain aligned, ESPERANZA FARM will be published in October 2017. I’ll update this page accordingly.

Editing magic provided by the amazing A. Victoria Mixon. I’d also like to thank Johannes Frandsen for the rights to use the wonderful cover photo. You can see his work HERE.

I appreciate your support of my work.

Thank you!


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