WTF?! Einstein was wrong?!

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If USA Today was out to ruin my Tuesday, they’ve succeeded:

Is Einstein finally wrong? Far-off galaxies are tugging each other more tightly than Einstein’s gravity theory predicts, suggests an analysis of light from distant stars.

Now available in an online physics paper archive, the analysis by Cornell cosmologist Rachel Bean looks at how galaxies attract one another roughly one billion light-years away.

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Lunar H2Oh…

Lunar H20

From our friends at NASA:

NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper, an instrument on the Indian Space Research Organization’s Chandrayaan-1 mission, took this image of Earth’s moon. It is a three-color composite of reflected near-infrared radiation from the sun, and illustrates the extent to which different materials are mapped across the side of the moon that faces Earth. Small amounts of water were detected on the surface of the moon at various locations.

This image illustrates their distribution at high latitudes toward the poles. Blue shows the signature of water, green shows the brightness of the surface as measured by reflected infrared radiation from the sun and red shows an iron-bearing mineral called pyroxene.

Image Credit: ISRO/NASA/JPL-Caltech/Brown Univ./USGS


Are Foreign Fall Colors Different?

Fall Colors

Did you know that European and American fall colors are different?

I didn’t know that!

From LiveScience:

The riot of color that erupts in forests every autumn looks different depending on which side of the ocean you’re on.

While the fall foliage in North America and East Asia takes on a fiery red hue, perplexingly, autumn leaves in Europe are mostly yellow in color.

A team of researchers has a new idea as to why the autumnal colors differ between the continents, one that involved taking a step back 35 million years in time.

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Astro Jose’s Back!

Space shuttle Discovery lands at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Image Credit: NASA/Tom Tschida
Space shuttle Discovery lands at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Image Credit: NASA/Tom Tschida

When I first heard Discovery was landing in California, I thought it was because they were dropping off Jose at home. (Just kidding! The landing was moved due to weather). The details are here.

Astro Jose’s first bilingual tweet back on earth is below:

Jose's back!