A Poem (and an Image)


Silly Poem, Silly Graphic

To Love Myself, Seriously

I consider my life a very consequential
affair, with all sorts
of details to be studied, analyzed and reviewed
with due prudence and care.

“Lighten up!” you say. Instead I proceeded
to solemnly explain
that I definitely could if that’s what I wanted
but I couldn’t just yet.

How right do you think my decisions would be
if I was not thoughtful?
Therefore, I will make only those that are clearest to me
and avoid taking risks.

Besides, I’ve lightened up considerably, you know?
Now I eat organic foods
that my thorough research showed complements
my daily workouts at the gym.

My ecological consciousness is so highly developed
I twice-recycle my garbage,
use public trans or carpool, boycott hair spray, furs and
nuclear sites with Greenpeace.

I volunteer at the shelter once or twice every week,
attend inspirational lectures
or seminars to self-improve and read most self-help books
on the best sellers list.

I only watch documentaries on viewer supported T.V.
I meditate upon waking
and before I go to sleep, to stay in emotional touch
with the child I have within.

I joined a twelve-step program to deal with my core issues,
my obsessions and my guilt
and always ask for feedback from my spiritual guide,
my sponsor and my shrink.

As you can see for yourself my life is very complete,
a plethora of blessings,
spirituality and self-esteem, ever since I made the decision
to love myself seriously.