Walking Celeste in Sub-Zero Weather


We have a real winter going on in the Northeast.  This is the coldest one of the five that my dog Celeste and I have shared. I’m reminded of that whenever we head out to take care of “business”.

Celeste and I met the year I turned fifty. Becoming parents to a dog was something that we didn’t plan for –unlike my son, who followed her about a year and a-half later into our household — it was something that I was going to do when I could afford a couple of acres for the pooch to roam. We live in an 1895 Victorian townhouse and our yard doesn’t even fit a decent size Chevrolet. Besides, the house was already occupied by two cats I had adopted when my wife and I moved in together.

But I saw a photo of Celeste, a rescued pup in an all-cat Connecticut shelter, and I could not resist. Continue reading

New Jersey Sends Back Migrant


manatee to an undisclosed location in Florida:

A wayward manatee is headed back to Florida aboard a transport jet after being rescued from murky waters near a New Jersey oil refinery. Ilya was loaded aboard a plane that took off from Atlantic City for an undisclosed military base Thursday morning.

Big Talent Singing Duet

[picapp src=”3/b/e/5/PicImg_EXCLUSIVE_Canoeists_and_d4e5.jpg?adImageId=6625918&imageId=4208974″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]


Humpback whales got pipes, according to Wired Science

Studying humpbacks with methods adapted from bird research has uncovered the first known instances of what look like whales responding musically to each other’s songs, says Danielle Cholewiak, a researcher for the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary based in Scituate, Massachusetts. Cholewiak and colleagues detected melodic adjustments when a solo singer encountered another singer nearby and when researchers played their song remixes for whales.