About The Blog

I post about anything that engages my attention — and that I think might engage yours — from current events, literature, music, baseball, parenting, technology, design etc. According to Cubitopics, another 115 or so categories since July of 2009.  But it’s mostly about books, writing and publishing plus new media and old progressive politics. I occasionally publish a cartoon, a childhood interest that I still enjoy or a poem whenever I get up the nerve. I link to blogs and other sites that offer views, opinions and resources that I find useful or amusing or both.

I also share excerpts from my fiction work:


I believe that everything I did prior to the launch of Cubiyanqui prepared me well for my work as a blogger:

Shoe Salesman, Student, Warehouse Order Picker, Factory Worker, Graphic Designer, Sign Maker, Vegetarian Manager of a Steakhouse, Security Guard, Draftsman, Radio DJ, Siding Salesman (“Tin Man” in Hollywood parlance), Sandwich Maker, Divorcee, Divorcee, Husband, Magazine Publisher, Failed Magazine Publisher, Gourmet Store Co-Owner, Architect, Part of Office Cleaning Crew, Catering Waiter, Friend of a Famous Person, Political Refugee, Cartoonist, Builder, Novelist and Father X2. (There might be more. I’ll add them as I remember).

Comments and suggestions about the blog are welcomed – even encouraged. I do read all comments and emails and I will try my best to respond to as many of your emails as possible.

I hope that you support this effort and that you enjoy the blog.


About the Name

The word Cubiyanqui is a combination of the word Cubiche (“Someone [who] emigrated from Cuba!” according to Urban Dictionary) and the spanishsized version of the word Yankee (“a native or inhabitant of the United States,” as per Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2009).

About the Blog Logo

The sketch I used on the logo is an adaptation of a twenty five year-old black & white sketch I made during a visit to Ogonquit and Kennebunkport, Maine.

Original Pen and Ink Sketch on Paper, Kennebunkport, Maine, Sept. 1, 1984
Pen and Ink Sketch on Paper, Kennebunkport, Maine, Sept. 1, 1984

Here’s the adapted work, now showing palm trees growing on the Maine coast:

Pinar del Maine, 2009. Pen and Ink on paper.
Pinar del Maine, 2009. Pen and Ink on paper.

and a “colorized” version

Color Pinar del Maine

About Our URL Picture

This is a detail of a photograph that appeared on Cubiyanqui’s first post. These are Macy’s-sponsored fireworks over the Hudson on Independence Day, 2009.

4th of July, 2009
4th of July, 2009


One thought on “About The Blog

  1. Julie Raynor February 18, 2015 / 11:03 pm

    Dear Jesus: A privilege to meet you tonight. I look forward to reading more of your work. I can share a wonderful link to David Carr’s syllabus for his first journalism class @ BU last fall, on Medium: https://medium.com/press-play/press-play-4b26bed77b7d
    Yours, Julie

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