A Tribute To Leonard Cohen (In The Hopes Of Impressing A Leonard Cohen Fan)


When I was a younger, less wise, man, I dated a woman who was an ardent admirer of Leonard Cohen and his music. I had never heard of Mr. Cohen back then, but I had heard — and treasured — Jeff Buckley‘s version of Mr. Cohen’s Alleluia. For years, I thought the song had been written by Jeff. Later on, I saw a video of Mr. Cohen performing Alleluia and I remember thinking the man had done a very poor job of covering Mr. Buckley’s classic.

This has all been corrected. I have since given Mr. Cohen his due. I have since given Mr. Cohen’s music as a gift. I’ve recognized his genius and I’m blown away by his prolific talent.

I don’t know what became of the woman I once loved. She might still be a fan of Mr. Cohen and his music. She probably is, wherever she’s listening to love songs these days. I think that once you fall in love with this man’s music, you’re probably a life-long devotee. So I dusted off this old poem I had written, I set it to music and I recorded it.

It’s here:

After I listened to the finished product, I thought that if she ever heard it, she might think that I sounded like a very poor imitation of Mr. Cohen — just like I thought Mr. Cohen compared to Jeff Buckley.

But at least she’d know that I was still thinking of her. Still trying to impress her.

2 thoughts on “A Tribute To Leonard Cohen (In The Hopes Of Impressing A Leonard Cohen Fan)

  1. andymarino February 15, 2012 / 10:54 am

    Jesus, BEAUTIFUL!, BRAVO (standing ovation)… for the magnificent,sensuous poem and the creativity of merging it to very tasteful music. SO happy you’re have FUN.
    Keep on going my man.
    Peace, love and hugs!

  2. Jesus Maria Alvarez September 4, 2014 / 12:21 am

    I hear that Spring Lake is beautiful at the end of September…

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