Rest in Peace, My Latest Hero


Looking for inspiration wherever I can find it. Thanks for your persistence, Mr. Wimmer!

Photo © 2011 by Spencer Weiner/Los Angeles Times

From the NY Times:

Mr. Wimmer, who after 25 years of submissions and more than 150 rejections finally got that book published — to very positive reviews — died on May 18 at his home in Agoura Hills, Calif., his son said. He was 74.

Saying that agents and publishers had spurned him 162 times, Mr. Wimmer laid claim to being the most-rejected published novelist in history. Finally, in 1989, “Irish Wine” was published by Mercury House.

The novel tells how, after that epiphany on the tracks, Seamus Boyne resurrects himself and his career and reunites with an old friend, Gene Hagar (a struggling author), who eventually flies to London for the gala celebrating Boyne’s exhibit at the Tate — the start of their joyful antics.

There’s more…


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