Book Pusher


Next time you get a rejection letter and you start feeling sorry for yourself, remember Randy Kearse:

Randy Kearse went from being a major drug dealer to selling his story of redemption on the subway, while making new friends. Photo (c) 2010 by Damon Winter for the NY Times.

Randy Kearse stepped onto a southbound No. 2 train in Harlem and scanned the crowd, trying to figure out who might be in a buying mood. He strode across the car, pressed his back against the steel doors and cleared his throat: Showtime.

“Excuse me, ladies and gentleman,” he called out.

“I am not begging, borrowing or asking for your food. I don’t represent the homeless, I’m not selling candy or selling bootleg DVDs,” he said, then paused. “I write books.”

2 thoughts on “Book Pusher

  1. randy kearse July 14, 2010 / 10:36 am

    Now this is a first… Book Pusher… LOL… Love that!

    Thanks for the acknowledgement..

  2. Jesus Maria Alvarez July 14, 2010 / 1:46 pm

    Thanks for the visit, Randy! I’m happy and relieved to see you were not offended. I debated whether the title was appropriate knowing all of the negative connotations and associations of the word. But, I thought that in my own way I’m also a “pusher” of positive things: sobriety, education, equality…You get my point.

    Maybe this is my way of trying to demystify the word, rob it of its negativity. Your story was such an inspiration to me — an aspiring self-publisher in recovery — that I wanted to catch people’s attention so that as many as possible would click through and know about it.

    I respect and admire where you’ve taken your life. The fact that you also happen to believe in the power of words and are out there selling your books just makes me giddy with inspiration.

    A real pleasure, my man!

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