Take a Nap, Grow Your IQ


Beautiful Napping Dog

This probably explains why my dog Celeste is so smart. Via our friends at PsychCentral, Napping Makes You Smarter:

A new study that examined participants’ cognitive abilities after they took a nap demonstrates that a simple nap may help make you “smarter.”The research, conducted at the University of California at Berkeley, examined the brain boosting effects of a nap on 39 healthy adults. Half the subjects took a 90 minute nap during the day, and then all subjects were administered a set of tests designed to measure cognitive ability.

Those who took the nap outperformed subjects who did not. The people who had a nap improved their ability to learn by 10%, according to the researchers.

By the way, our cats Samantha and Bryce are smarter than Celeste. They’re better nappers.

There’s more…

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