How I Saved The Day


I woke up feeling a bit lousy. I think the Mass Mess triggered it.

That on top of the unbearable disaster in Haiti, the recent death of a good friend followed by the death of a family member followed by the news of the illnesses of two dear friends. That on top of a choking financial situation brought about by almost two years of nearly zero income and a two foot-high pile of bills. That on top of…

At around 10 this morning I had the first clear thought of the day: “What’s your excuses for not getting off your ass and doing something positive for yourself? At least you don’t have a ton concrete rubble on top of you preventing you.”

I started by cleaning the kitchen counters, then the floor. I shaved. I made some phone calls. I asked for help. I called a friend.

Before 12 noon I was feeling “surprisingly plucky,” according to my Twitter entry. I stayed away form the self-pitying for the rest of the day.

I offered my help to someone who needed it. I contributed $5.00 to OFA and $20.00 to Haiti relief. I called another friend. I made myself a cup of espresso. I played Pandora instead of listening to pundits on TV. I took some income-producing actions.

Some optimism returned by the early afternoon.

Sometimes, or maybe always, what saves a day is the willingness to act on that first clear, positive thought.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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