Hey, Joe! Have you no sense of decency?


Editor’s Note: I wrote the post that follows on August 05, 2008. At the time Joe Lieberman was prancing around the country talking McCain’t up. At the time Joe was still hoping to be picked for the second time as the VP nominee of any political party that would have him. Fast-forward to the present. If you change some details on this entry, Joe’s still at it: searching for personal relevance at the expense of others. My wish tonight is for some courage breakthrough in the Democratic Senate leadership that would strip Joe of his chairmanship and pass HCR through reconciliation. Anything to deny this small person the satisfaction he so carelessly seeks at our expense).

In a past diary I could not bring myself to write the name of the “Independent Democrat” from Connecticut. Re-reading that entry I was struck by the decision. Then Sunday morning, I saw Joe on Meet the Press (“Me Dee Pressed” after the show sometimes, Sunday no exception) and I had a similar reaction. I found myself shaking my head whenever Joe spoke, cursing at the TV, surprised at the depth of my contempt for the man. How can a man who knows not the meaning of loyalty–one of your basic components of character–lecture us on his judgment of McCain’s character? How could Gore have been sooo wrong?

It wouldn’t surprise me if I learned tomorrow that he “threw” the VP debate to Cheney back in 2000. You laugh, but he did smile whenever Cheney scored a point, remember, that same smile I saw this past Sunday whenever he tried selling us another four years of misery.

What’s wrong with this man?

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=joe+lieberman&iid=5039527″ src=”8/6/3/2/John_McCain_Holds_c846.jpg?adImageId=8312479&imageId=5039527″ width=”380″ height=”282″ /]

So I looked him up in the Wikipedia. Turns out his full name is Joseph Isadore Lieberman. It’s tempting, but I won’t make fun of his name. No high-mindedness here, just some unexpected camaraderie. My middle name is Maria. I am a 54-year-old man. I don’t know how or if Isadore affected Joe. It messed me up some. It was years and some therapy before I could understand what a punch to the self esteem gut that middle name had been.

Could middle school taunts have affected Joe so much that he can distinguish right from wrong? It’s a flimsy theory, I admit.

A better theory would be that revenge is what’s driving Joe to be such a prick to his party. Revenge over what the Party did to him after he lost the Democratic Connecticut Primary. I remember that the Party–rightly, in my opinion–supported winner Ned Lamont.  I remember Joe’s sulking and whining.

When he made it back to the Senate, the razor-thin majority gave Joe the perfect payback opportunity: To rub in our faces what an injustice we had done to him. We were going to regret our mistake. No one fucks with Joe and gets away with it.

Now, last Sunday, John Kerry demonstrating the king of political savvy that lost him the election, told Tom Brokaw that Joe was going to be welcomed back into the Senate with open arms. I guess a majority in these tough times is more important than doing the moral thing by rejecting a betrayer in your midst. Or is it? Is it more important to be practical than principled?

I would kick the bum out. But I am not Harry Reid.

Joe Lieberman is no ordinary Democrat. He was the DEMOCRATIC Vice-President elect in 2000! That carries a lot of responsibility in my book. A life long responsibility to those that voted for you.

This leaves me with only one question for Joe:

Have you no sense of decency, Sir?

I know the answer…

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