E-Readers Reviewed


E-Reders reviewed

by the good folks at Personal Tech

WHEN Amazon.com introduced its Kindle electronic book reader two years ago, the chief executive, Jeff Bezos, hoped the company was forever transforming the reading experience. The Kindle wasn’t the first e-reader on the market, but it came with a built-in advantage: a wireless connection to Amazon’s vast online bookstore. Today, when we think of e-readers, the Kindle comes readily to mind.

But it’s no longer just Amazon’s story. This year, new players have entered the e-reader space, while some familiar ones have hedged their bets by introducing new devices. Among Amazon’s eager competitors are Barnes & Noble, Sony, Plastic Logic, IREX Technologies and even Disney. We’ll see even more in 2010.

The complete review is here.

One thought on “E-Readers Reviewed

  1. sandysays1 December 4, 2009 / 11:36 am

    I’ve had one and just don’t like it. Revise, please. I hated it. I hope there enough folks who still want the printed page to keep them around

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