A Case of: “The Devil You Know…”


…is better than the Devil’s little brother.”

[picapp src=”a/1/b/1/Castro_Attends_Parliaments_7929.jpg?adImageId=7613520&imageId=3280745″ width=”380″ height=”243″ /]

From the AP:

Human Rights Watch says conditions in Cuba have not improved under Raul Castro and in some ways are worse than they had been when his brother Fidel was president.

In a report released Wednesday, the group accuses Raul Castro’s government of systematic repression and creating “a pervasive climate of fear among dissidents and, when it comes to expression of political views, in Cuban society as a whole.”

Fidel Castro ceded power to Raul Castro first on an interim basis in 2006, then permanently in February 2008. Human rights activists had hoped that the change would lead to greater liberty on the Caribbean island.

The report found little evidence of that. It criticized Raul Castro’s increased reliance on a law that it says criminalizes “any behavior that contradicts socialist norms.”

It says the law “captures the essence of the Cuban government’s repressive mindset, which views anyone who acts out of step with the government as a potential threat and thus worthy of punishment.”

There’s more…

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