This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Car…


unless your Daddy drives the car of tomorrow. And Local Motors wants to be tomorrow’s car company.

Rally Fighter, Designed by Sangho Kim, with the Local Motors Community. Image by Local Motors

From Jalopnik:

The Rally Fighter is the first-ever crowd-sourced “creative commons”-like car, is the culmination of 35,000 designs by 2,900 community members from over 100 countries. Local Motors, the company behind it, plans to change forever the way cars are designed.

For starters, Local Motors doesn’t even have a designer for their cars on staff. Each major system of the vehicle — whether it’s the exterior design, interior design or doors — heck, even the name — are developed in an open source development process. Once there’s enough support for any single design, Local Motors will develop it openly. That means members of the Local Motors community not only choose which designs are developed, but also, they get to help develop them. Contests are held for the development and the winner receives a monetary prize based on the importance of the system to developing the overall vehicle. Thus, door design might receive less money than say, exterior design.

There’s more…

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