Writing Yourself a Better Life


One of the things I traded for my architectural education was my cursive hand writing style. For the last thirty years I’ve only written in caps except for my signature. I could write long-hand if I wanted to, but it would take too darn long.

When I read in PsychCentral that there might be a connection between handwriting and self-esteem, I was very interested. Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. interviews Vimala Rodgers, an educator, Director of The International Institute of Handwriting Studies, and author of multiple books including her newest called Transform Your Life Through Handwriting:

Question: Vimala, many people struggle with the issue of low self esteem and harsh critical self-judgments. In your most recent book, Transform Your Life through Handwriting, you guide people through a program to change the way their minds think by mindfully tuning into the stroke of their pens. How does this work?

Vimala: As a Psychologist, you know that it is the subconscious mind that interprets what happens to us, and from that, it dictates who we see ourselves to be (i.e., our self image), not who we ARE. It is not the hand per se, but this same subconscious mind who moves our pen to reaffirm this. Each stroke of the pen makes a statement about the image we hold of ourselves. By adopting Self-affirming writing patterns we redefine that self-image in a positive way. It takes 40 days of committed writing to realign the neurological patterns in the brain. In scientific jargon, this is called “cortical remapping,” or the brain’s ability to rewire itself.

Here’s the rest of this fascinating interview

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