Hate Speech = Hate Crimes


We’re joining the Basta Dobbs campaign.

Basta Dobbs

Here is the statement I’ve send  to Jon Klein, President of CNN.

Dear Mr. Klein,

It’s time for CNN to stop promoting Lou Dobbs’ brand of “news.”  Dobbs consistently spreads myths and misinformation about immigrants and Latinos, and his rhetoric has been linked to the rise of bigotry and hate crimes in our communities. Standing behind Dobbs sends a message that CNN is more interested in perpetuating prejudice than being a credible source of news for Latinos.

As President of CNN, it is imperative that you act quickly and decisively to drop Dobbs from your network, and send the message that CNN does not tolerate hate speech. There should be no place for the likes of Dobbs on the  “most trusted name in news.”

and I added:

I’m also letting others know CNN’s Dobb problem by blogging about it and posting updates on Twitter and Facebook.


If it was only my message, he would pay attention. We’ll see what happens when he gets a few hundred thousand of these.

You can join the campaign here. Let your voice be heard!

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