Wisdom from Baseball Prospectus

Nothing new here, according to Joe Sheehan, speaking about CC’s and ARod’s performance on game 4 of the 2009 ALCS:

Sabathia and Rodriguez had assembled recent track records in postseason play that served to define them as failures in the eyes of many who want to believe that success on a baseball diamond is a moral issue. You cannot evaluate baseball players on a handful of starts or plate appearances, and that remains true no matter the date. Given time, all players perform at their established levels, and that’s what we’re seeing now from Sabathia and Rodriguez. Would that this lesson took hold, but even I’m not that naïve.

Emphasis added. I soured on Joe Torre the moment he moved Rodriguez to the seventh spot in the batting order a few years back, when Rodriguez — and the Yankees — were struggling in the post-season. Mine is not a popular opinion in NYC.

You can subscribe to Baseball Prospectus here. If you’re a true baseball aficionado, there’s nothing better out there.


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