Friday Night in the Bronx

This was one of the longest weeks of my life. Waiting for championship baseball to start. I didn’t even mind that I had to listen to the never-ending anti-Yankee rantings of Tim McCarver.

October baseball tastes sweeter after a five year absence.

So what’s a nice complement to watching the game on Faux? Checking out the Live Analysis over at the New York Times on the lappy. And you not only get smart baseball live-blogging, you also get interesting tidbits like this:

Update | 10:29 p.m.
Mary Kay Messenger of the West Point band sang God Bless America in place of Ronan Tynan, the Irish tenor who was banned for making an anti-semitic remark earlier in the week.

C’mon Ronan. What’s the deal? It’s 2009, bro! One stupid remark and you ain’t singing in the Bronx in October.

At Live Analysis I also found Kevin Dame’s Visual Baseball Blog. He was ahead of me in the Comments section. Kevin was there promoting his nice blog, a place to find “new ways to view and understand baseball’s rich body of statistics and information.”

I was there to bitch about McCarver.

Please check him out. He’s onto something. I mean Kevin, not McCarver!


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