A Castro Joke

Translated from the Spanish. The joke first appeared on Alexis Romay’s Belascoaín y Neptuno Blog.

I’ve heard hundreds if not thousands of these over the last forty plus years. Telling jokes ridiculing the despot is one way Cubans deal with their pain and fight a half-century worth of sadness.

On a recent visit to Cuba, Vladimir Putin found a majority of Cubans wearing worn out shoes. He asked Fidel how this was possible, after 50 years of “improvements”. Fidel was annoyed and he asked Putin if it was better in Russia.

“Of course,” answered Putin, “and you could come to Russia whenever you want and you have permission to kill anyone you find with worn out shoes.”

They got on Putin’s plane and left for Russia. As soon as Castro got off the plane, he spotted someone wearing worn out shoes. He pulled his pistol and shot him dead on the spot.

Next day, the headline in the Russian paper read:



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