My Senator the Author

Growing American Roots

From The Star Ledger:

“I want to show how Latinos have been here before the nation was founded,” Menendez said of his book before delivering remarks to the group. As costumed revelers lingered on the street below following the city’s Hispanic Day Parade, Menendez addressed the crowd in both Spanish and English.

“We have been in defense of both the creation of the country and its history since then,” he said.

In “Growing American Roots: Why Our Nation Will Thrive As Our Largest Minority Flourishes,” Menendez highlights the contribution of the Latino community to American history and its expanding role in years to come as the Latino population rapidly expands. In the book — co-written with former Washington Post editor Peter Eisner — Menendez combats xenophobic perceptions of Latinos in the media and calls for “sweeping social and economic legislation, immigration reform, improved health care, and an end to the discrimination and prejudice that Hispanics face,” according to a release from Penguin Group, the book’s publisher.

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