Are You Going to Stand by

while poisonous hate is broadcast in our media?

Of course not!

Lou Dobbs

The pressure on CNN’s Lou Dobbs continues to mount.

Earlier this month, along with NDN, America’s Voice, and several other prominent progressive groups, we launched a campaign demanding that Lou Dobbs’ advertisers stop supporting his fact-free hate speech. Thousands of people have already taken a stand and signed our petition. Now we’re asking you to add your voice to the growing number of Americans who are unwilling to stand by while poisonous hate is broadcast in our media.

Tell Dobbs’ advertisers to stop sponsoring hate:

As Media Matters has spent years detailing, Dobbs represents a shocking stain on CNN’s credibility. His tendency to traffic in anti-immigrant rhetoric and outlandish conspiracy theories recently culminated in his promotion of racially charged fringe theories about President Obama’s birth certificate. When a company sponsors his program, it is enabling Dobbs to use his CNN platform as a powerful perch from which to spread hate, fear, and misinformation. Now you have an opportunity to tell those companies that it’s time to Drop Dobbs.

Sign the petition and tell Dobbs’ advertisers to stop sponsoring hate:

Dobbs has taken notice of our recent efforts to expose his hate, frequently lashing out at Media Matters over the past few months. He has implied we are a “hate group,” called us “fleas,” “really pathetic,” “attack dogs,” and “the Swift Boat of the left.” But we’re not going to be deterred by name-calling. Just this past week, we ratcheted up the pressure, highlighting how Dobbs has frequently echoed stories pushed by leading conservative demagogue Glenn Beck. In recent weeks, as Beck himself has come under fire from a progressive coalition of activists led by, more than 60 advertisers have reportedly dropped their support of his program. As it becomes increasingly difficult to tell the difference between Dobbs and Beck, it’s time CNN’s “Mr. Independent” faced that kind of pressure, and long past time for Dobbs’ advertisers to take a close look at the type of hate they are sponsoring.

Sign the petition and tell Dobbs’ advertisers to stop sponsoring hate:

Thank you for your continued help in holding the media accountable.

Eric Burns

Media Matters for America

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