Jung’s Red Book to be Published (Updated)


UPDATE: October 7, 2009 through January 25, 2010, The Rubin Museum in New York will exhibit The Red Book manuscript.

The Red Book of C.G. Jung marks the first public presentation of what may be considered psychology’s most influential unpublished work. Jung’s fascination with mandalas—Tibetan Buddhist representations of the cosmos used to help reach enlightenment—is evident in these books where mandala structures figure prominently in many sketches and paintings.

A very cool part of the exhibit: “Turning the Pages of the Red Book. Every Wednesday. Two new pages from Carl Jung’s historic Red Book will be revealed each week of its exhibition.”

More about the Rubin Exhibit here

Carl Jung's RED BOOK

Fascinating reading from Psych Central:

Carl Jung died 48 years ago, but he still has a devout following of professionals, clinicians and researchers who believe in the power of his theories. While not a popular form of psychotherapy in the United States, it remains a niche in psychology that nonetheless carries on Jung’s theories and practices.

In his late 30s, Jung started writing a book called The Red Book. The Red Book is part journal, part mythological novel that takes the reader through Jung’s fantasies — hallucinations he self-induced to try and get to the core of his unconscious.

Continue reading Carl Jung’s Red Book

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