The Teacher-Parent Dynamic

Most of my grade school teachers grew up with my parents in the same small town where I was born. Their relationship predated — and survived — my school days.

There wasn’t much I could get away with. My parents and teachers not only spoke regularly, they also socialized together. More importantly, looking back at that time, I grew up believing that I mattered to this folks. Even if my young exuberance sometimes clashed against the parameters they had set for me, their communications and allegiance kept me focused and motivated. And safe.

With my young son preparing to enter the school system, the parent-teacher relationship is important again. I found this article from PsychCentral written by MARIE HARTWELL-WALKER, ED.D. very helpful. It’s all about parents and teacher teamwork for the benefit of the children:

When we’re on the same team, our kids usually do better in school. When we know and trust each other, our kids can’t play one against the other when they find work challenging or want to avoid a task. When there’s good communication between us, accomplishments get acknowledged, little problems don’t tend to become big ones, big ones can be better managed.

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