Respect in Baseball (Updated)


Feeling like a sage. Like a bruised sage. I wrote and published the post below ten minutes before the start of today’s game (Yankees won). The Red Sox won the second game of the series 14-1. If I had gloated over last night’s Yankee victory, I’d be feeling worse than I already feel.

We have ourselves a rubber game tomorrow.


Yankees win the rubber game behind the pitching of C.C. Sabathia. The best moment for me? My son watched the middle 3 innings with me. He fell asleep lying on my chest.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

The Yankees clobbered the Red Sox last night. The final score was 20 – 11 with the Bombers out-hitting Boston 23 to 12 including 2 homers by Matsui (he almost had 3, driving J.D. Drew to the wall to end the second inning).

As a Yankee’s fan, I am happy, but I’m not gloating. If you love the game, you never gloat. You celebrate you’re teams accomplishments and reluctantly accept the setbacks. You learn to respect the other team. You remember when they humbled you in the past, like the first eight games of the season when Boston was the winner. Or the come from behind win in the ’04 ALCS. Talk about a humbling experience.

On the field, one of the worst — unwritten — offenses a player can commit is to show up the opposing team. Like when a batter hammers a ball out of the park and then shows excessive celebration when rounding the bases. Or your team is winning by twelve runs in the bottom of the eight and you attempt to steal a base. It shows that you’re more concerned with your own personal statistics than with rubbing the other team’s nose in the dirt. Not very sportsperson-like and not very appreciated by the opposition. That player would probably hear some chin music the next time up at the plate.

I hope my team will end up on top at the end of the season. If they manage to win it all, I know the winter will be longer, colder and darker for the teams — and their fans — that were not as lucky. If some other team wins, I’ll tip my cap in congratulation and pray for the return of spring. Pitchers and catchers is always around the corner.

Next season could turn out better.

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