You Don’t Have to Love Baseball

to love this story from McClatchy, but it helps:

Iraqui national baseball team
Image by Adam Ashton/Modesto Bee/MCT

The Iraqi national baseball team’s only bat, an aluminum Louisville Slugger, finally can take a rest after four years of daily swings.

McClatchy and MSNBC delivered a batch of new equipment Wednesday donated by CTG Athletics, a New York-based sporting goods company. Star USA, an Ohio firm, provided the shipping.

The new goods provide the team’s 16 players with professional mitts, cleats, bats and a bucket of springy white baseballs. Uniforms are on the way.

The players laughed Wednesday as they gripped the fresh gear, swinging bats into the air and stretching their toes into their spikes in a field behind Baghdad University.

“They never looked happy and active like this before,” said coach Hamza Madlool, 26. “You can see them trying to get used to the bats and all the new shoes. I’m sure they will never mind training all day in spite of the hot weather.”

There’s more…

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