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Today’s nominee — and he will most likely be confirmed — for our Hypo Watch: Louisiana Governor Bobby (I Hate Using the Stimulus Money) Jindal. He’s doing “More With Less.” Not!

MORE WITH LESS: As we enter the 2009 Legislative Session we face budget challenges that are real – but like any challenge, it is also an opportunity. Our proposed FY 10 budget includes serious reforms that make government do more with less, while mitigating the impact on Health Care and Higher Education – which are often the most vulnerable areas of the budget. We have the opportunity now to make real, generational reforms in our state government and let there be no doubt: the only way we can face our budget challenges is head on and I look forward to working with the legislature on these plans in the days and weeks ahead.

Sounds terrific, Governor. Let’s not use any of that tainted Washington money. That is very honorable and righteous of you, Sir. And the future — and by the future I mean the 2012 GOP nomination — belongs to the righteous.

Bobby Jindal Spreads the (Washington's) Wealth

Let’s see what the liberal media has to say about this:

As ThinkProgress first reported, Jindal has been touring his state boasting about job creation, while simultaneously giving away jumbo-sized checks filled largely with stimulus money to local Louisiana communities. Jindal plastered his own name on the checks and until recently, did not even reveal that much of the money was from the Recovery Act.


I am shocked, Sir. Shocked! I don’t even know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight…


Sen. Paul Stanley

The subject of our first Hypo Watch post is no more. State Senator Paul Stanley (R), District 31, Tennessee has resigned.

I am heartbroken (and sleepless) at the turn of events.

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