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Today’s Hypo Watch entry comes courtesy of our friends at TPM.

State Senator Paul Stanley (R), District 31, Tennessee
State Senator Paul Stanley (R), District 31, Tennessee

Meet Tennessee’s Honorable, Conservative and Reliable State Senator Paul Stanley. That’s what the Senator calls himself on his website. But according to Zachary Roth’s article at TPM Muckraker that description is open for interpration.

Stanley recently sponsored a bill designed to prevent gay couples from adopting children. And when a Planned Parenthood official recently sought his support for family planning services for Memphis teens, Stanley told her, according to the official, that he “didn’t believe young people should have sex before marriage anyway, that his faith and church are important to him, and he wants to promote abstinence.”

Sen. Stanley found himself the intended target of a blackmail scheme. What did the alleged blackmailer have on the Republican State Senator?

In a sworn affidavit, a Tennessee state investigator has said that Stanley admitted to having a “sexual relationship” with a 22-year-old female intern working in his office, and to taking nude pictures of her in “provocative poses” in his apartment.

The employee’s boyfriend got copies of the photos and video tapes followed by some “creative financing” ideas. In a not-at-all brilliant communication decision, the boyfriend send this text message to the Senator:

“Good morning sir, how are you this fine day? McKensie and I have been talking and I feel that I have a video and some pictures you might be interested in seeing. This is her boyfriend, that guy you met outside Walgreens.”

What’s an Honorable, Conservative and Reliable Senator to do? You go to the cops. And you confess the affair to them and then to your wife. It’s just a coincidence that your current wife was an intern when you met her.

According to the Nashville Post, Stanley met his current wife, Kristi Stanley, soon afterwards [divorcing his first wife], while both were working for Bill Frist’s U.S. Senate office in Memphis. She was working as — an intern.

(Emphasis mine).

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