Saving Perfection

In baseball, a perfect game is the rarest of the pitching feats.

So unique it’s only happened 18 times in the history of the Major Leagues.

Today, Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox made history by pitching a perfect game, the second in Sox history, against Tampa Bay. This was the second no-hitter for Buehrle. He pitched a no-hitter against Texas in 2007. President Obama — the First Fan or Fan-In-Chief, as the Chicago Tribune refers to Mr. Obama — telephoned the pitcher to offer a presidential congratulation.

Here’s the video of the interview of the pitcher after the game, courtesy of the Tribune.

The thing that most people will remember about this game  — especially Buehrle — will be the 9th inning catch. Dewayne Wise made a leaping, glove-over-the-fence-grab in Center Field to preserve the perfect game, the no-hitter and the shut-out all in one spectacular catch.

Mark Gonzales, reporter for the Tribune, has all the details here.

And here’s a picture of Mark Buehrle hugging his wife, Jamie, and daughter, Brooklyn, after the game. Is there a Dodgers connection?