Thank God for emptywheel…

…and her frank use of the English language!

She said “blow job” on MSNBC. I first read about this on TeddySanFran’s diary at dKos. I immediately went to her blog to see if this had been a slip or an intentional pronouncement. I was relieved to find that, not only was she talking about it herself, but she was giving a little context.

As she tells it, Joe Lockhart Wanted to Say Blow Job at a 2007 panel that included Todd Purdum:

At one point I said, sort of in Lockhart’s direction, that they should have just said, “It was a consensual blow job, let’s move on” and that might have ended the issue.

Marcy Wheeler: So, finally you get to the point where, yes, Clinton did not, was not completely forthcoming about a consensual blow job. The other thing that I think could have happened is that a lot of people said but, fundamentally what happened was a consensual blow job between consenting adults. I think it’s between Bill and Hillary and Monica Lewinsky. And again, that didn’t happen. So those are three things that might have short-circuited the story.

Joe Lockhart: I will say this. I spent two and a half years with great discipline not once using that phrase, and you won’t get it out of me today. I think it, I agree with you, but it’s just, it’s a mental block. You have no idea how many times I wanted to say exactly that from behind the podium. It’s just a goddamn [grimaces face]. I completely agree with that.

I wasn’t really imagining the White House Spokesman saying blow job when I said this–just someone. Some prominent surrogate to go out there to say blow job blow job blow job.

It never happened.

Until today. Amazing “reality” TV.

I have great hope for the new media. These are the things that fill me with blogger pride. And also what makes me a regular reader of FDL.

Go, Marcy!