Sotomayor’s Big Day (Updated)

Most prognosticators with knowledge of the nominating process think that Judge Sonia Sotomayor will be confirmed to the Supreme Court. She has our vote.

Republicans appear determined to do their grandstanding at this hearing. Some are hoping for a serious mistep that will sink the nominee. Something drastic, like her tossing a shoe at Jeff Sessions. The odds of her actually doing that are higher than in a mega-million drawing.

When Judge Sotomayor gets confirmed — notice the “when” not “if” — it would be in spite of a long list of myths, rumors and falsehoods circulated by the right in order to derail this historic nomination.

Media Matters does a terrific job of exposing their shenanigans in Myths and Falsehoods Surrounding the Sotomayor Nomination.

Here’s the summary:

The media have advanced numerous myths and falsehoods about Sonia Sotomayor. In addition to evaluating these claims on their merits, the media should also consistently report that conservatives were reportedly very clear about their intentions to oppose President Obama’s nominee for political purposes, no matter who it was.

One thing we know for sure: The odds are really good that they will come up with new myths!


No major surprises today. It was great to see Senator (wow!) Franken participating in the proceedings. Speeches by most senators were lengthy, repetitive and uninspiring with very few exceptions. Most were delivered in a hurried, monotone way due to the time constraints. By the time Senators Schumer and Gillibrand were alloted five minutes each to introduce the Judge from New York, some prominent members of the audience were seen nodding off.

Judge Sotomayor Day 1

Who could blame them?!