Ernesto Bazan Photographs Cuba


An important project by the Italian-born Bazan. This is how the photographer and teacher describes his experience on his website:

Dear friends and students I have got the pleasure to let you know that after many years of hard work I’ve been able to publish my book on 14 years of my life in Cuba. In May of this year accompanied by seven of my students (we have nicknamed them The Magnificent Seven) we met in a small town near Verona to help my new “baby” come to light. The book is simply called BazanCuba. It only took 14 years of life and photography in Cuba, and afterwards two intense years of editing, layout, pre-press, and printing to bring the new book to the world.

NPR’s Heather Murphy calls the self-published book a “masterpiece” in this article. Go see for yourself if you agree with her — and me. BazanCuba